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  Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Top Global's Business Continuity Wireless Gateway solution integrates mobile wireless technology which provides low-cost insurance against a major business disruption, and it helps enterprises builds cost-effectively backup and recovers their wire line network in the event of a natural disaster or man-made disruptions.

This solution is based on Top Global's patented MB9000 which functions as a wireless gateway to connect a corporate's private data network to any service provider's cellular data network. For business continuity scenario, the Top Global MB9000 remains in "hot standby" mode when IP traffic is flowing normally along the primary data path. When a network interruption is detected, the MB9000 automatically establishes a high-speed broadband wireless link and all data traffic gets routed over the cellular data network. During this period, auto-reconnect is enabled to maintain a consistent, stable, wireless broadband link. When the primary data path is restored, the MB9000 disconnects automatically and returns to hot standby mode until needed again.

This solution addresses both business continuity the process of planning to ensure an organization can continue to operate and disaster recovery -- the process, after a crisis, to minimize business interruption and return to normal as quickly as possible.

The powerful security feature of MB9000 enables corporate to establish a point-to-point IPSec tunnel for communication and offers top protection against eavesdroppers and attackers. In addition to business continuity, the wireless gateway can support a mobile office application. With the flexibility of both Ethernet and Wi-Fi end user interfaces, enterprises can connect to the Internet or corporate networks at virtually any location where a cellular data network is available. By utilizing the wireless gateway solution, businesses can minimize the investment and time required to set up a temporary or mobile office.


Mobilize the organization for rapid recovery and timely resumption of normal activity 
Provide connectivity to critical databases and network systems
Enable staff, wherever deployed, to verify operations at back-up sites or data storage locations. And enhance their efficiency.

In the end, business continuity isn't about data recovery tools. It's about the success of your business. Companies must think in terms of protecting and sustaining optimal operation and safety of all processes, functions, applications and assets. With some foresight and planning, your business should never find itself in danger of sustained downtime.

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