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  Digital Signage

Digital signage becomes more and more popular nowadays for its obvious benefits. Compare with outdated reader boards, digital signage is:

Cost Effective
No printing work is needed.

Contents can be changed easily in a short time

There is less resistance to the bright, vivid, and dynamic contents in screen than static picture. Your message will be seen and remembered.

However, technical guys need to go to the field frequently to do maintenance and updates contents of those signage boards.

Top Global's 3G Kiosk Router (MB5000K) provides a 3G/4G cellular wireless approaching for digital signage owners. This solution uses latest cellular technologies such as EVDO Rev. A and HSDPA to connect screen player with contents server in Internet via wireless network. Administrator can update up-to-date contents of every screen remotely over 3G/4G cellular network in office, and can monitor status of each screen as well. This wireless connection is secure, stable, and reliable. And a lot of maintenance fee can be saved for owners who have many spotty digital signage sites.

Digital signage owners can put the digital signage to anywhere as long as the cellular signal is available. And because the connection is wireless, no network construction work is needed.


Remote and instant contents update
Easy deployment work without network construction
Remote and real time administrate work
Cost effective




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