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  Mobile Command Center

Portable 3G router solution that allow you to communicate anywhere and anytime

When disaster strikes, it is crucial to access to reliable communications promptly. When the wired communications infrastructure is unavailable, damaged, destroyed or overloaded, wireless communications can provide a lifeline for people on the front lines of public safety and emergency preparedness. For fast, effective response to emergency situations, Top Global Mobile Command Center get you up and running with high-speed broadband Internet connectivity, voice, video, and data systems through cellular networks. Regardless of location or access to traditional communications, people can establish and maintain communications within minutes.

Mobile Command Center-All in one box 3G WiFi router solution

MCC is consisted of a Top Global MobileBridgeâ„¢ MB8000 3G Router, a Long duration rechargeable battery, a High performance Wi-Fi antenna (optional), a High performance 3G antenna (optional), a VoIP video phone (optional), and a watertight case.

Initialize the System

1. To charge the system
There is an internal rechargeable battery in the system. To charge the battery, please plug Battery Charger Line showed in previous picture to a standard power. Typically, the battery will be fully charged about 6 hours, and we recommend the first charge should last no less than 8 hours.

2. System in a box

While complete the power charge process, you can close the case, and carry this system to anywhere you want and enjoy the most convenience Internet.

3. Access Internet.

It is an easy experience to use the system, all you need to do is just insert the Power Adaptor into the Battery Power Slot and connect MB8000. While the LED lights of MB8000 turn green, the wireless Internet access is available.

To get wireless Internet access, laptop/computer needs to connect MB8000 at first. There are two ways to connect MB8000: one is to connect the computer direct to MB8000 by Cross-over Cable, another is to connect MB8000 via Wi-Fi (your computer needs to be Wi-Fi compatible). If your want to establish Wi-Fi link between your laptop/computer and MB8000, you need to connect to MB8000's wireless network named as "Topglobal-xxxxxx" (where xxxxxx denotes the last 6 digits of MB8000's SN number).

And after the laptop/computer gets an IP address from MB8000, it can access to network.

Multiple laptops/computers can share broadband wireless Internet of one Mobile Command System, and all it is in a box.

Police Field Application

This user-friendly integrated wireless system could be used for a chemical spill, a fire, a hurricane or a tornado. It is not just something you keep on the shelf in case of a national disaster or terrorist attack. It should be an everyday tool, just as you would use a patrol car or other police equipment. And it also allows police to communicate and instantaneously send secure information to themselves, to the fire department, and the ambulance team by the means of encrypted wireless digital communication.

This system also includes a data processing feature allowing officers instant access to databases such as building plans, terrorist lists, or descriptions of kidnappers using a Centrino laptop computer or Wi-Fi enabled PDA.


Enhance Work Efficiency
Emergency Fast Response
Real-Time Communication with Police Station
Field Multimedia Information real-time Transition
Access to database and computer resources including Servers and shared data storage
Remote command and management



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