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Hospital's first-aid center needs a way to transmit the prompt situation in ambulance to hospital. Without information transmission, the time lag is likely to result in delays or errors of first-aid measures during the process of arriving at the hospital. Besides, as hospital can not present complete and favorable medical treatment records, it is probably involved in medical malpractice disputes.

Top Global offers a telemedicine solution for hospital through integrating WLAN and 3G/4G WWAN . TOP Global's MobileBridge™ utilizes Wi-Fi technology to connect to first-aid medical devices or monitor facilities, forming WLAN in ambulance. MobileBridge™ makes use of 3G/4G Network to provide wireless Internet Access. Thus the server of hospital could access MobileBridge™ to gather together information in ambulance. Therefore, doctors in hospital could get updated video or data about the patient by the server. The telemedicine application builds an emergency green passage between moving ambulance and remote hospital, transmitting spot video and detailed data automatically to hospital in time by wireless network.

Through this solution, doctors in hospital can perform remote diagnosis for patients and direct the staff in ambulance to take accurate measures. Meanwhile doctors have time to prepare for operation or other complicated treatments to ensure patients get timely treatments as soon as arriving at the hospital. In addition, hospital can avoid itself involved in medical malpractice disputes with the remote monitoring data and image information.


Updated situation is transmitted to hospital, saving precious time
Patients have more opportunities to survive by remote diagnose
Quality of service and work efficiency for emergency is improved
Reduce the risks of medicine and avoid medical malpractice disputes

The green passage remedies the gap between ambulance and hospital. Such a passage makes ambulance become mobile hospital to ensure emergency more prompt by wireless solution.

Telemedicine Application





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