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  Wireless Surveillance

Wireless surveillance solution is an innovation of Top Global.
Wireless surveillance system is different from normal surveillance system. It uses wireless communication technology to provide network access for the cameras, eliminates the needs for disruptive, in-building network deployment, and makes the deployment more cost effective.

Wireless surveillance system use digital video cameras that have embedded image process function to transfer analog video images to digital images. And the system also has function to transmit those digital data to storage and management servers through IP network.

The new wireless surveillance system developed by Top Global integrates 3G wireless technologies and VPN technologies, and it could provide a ubiquitous surveillance service.

Wireless Surveillance System Topology


Watch on demand at anytime from anywhere
Completely wireless solution. WLAN and WWAN technologies make the installation and
employment convenient and economical
Embedded multiple VPN technologies. The MobileBridgeâ„¢ integrates most popular VPN
technologies such as PPTP, L2TP and IPSec. The security of the information can be guaranteed
Diverse wireless WAN technologies. The MobileBridgeâ„¢ supports GPRS/EDGE/UMTS, CMDA
1X/EVDO. Customer can select the subscribed operators at will.






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Wireless Surveillance


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