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Brand Name

Accessories Pictures Com Code Description
Table top 3dbi EVDO Antenna (RS-SMA) A8423228822 Desk top Antenna with RS-SMA interface
Vehicle Power Adaptor A8522818823 Vehicle power
Standard Power Adapter A8523888223 US Power adaptor


Accessories Pictures Com Code Description
Rack A8222888823 Mounting Rack for MB8000
MB8000 Travel Case A8322888822 Travel case for MB8000
3G Phoebus Travel Case A8323888823 Travel Case for MB6000
Magmount 5dbi EVDO Antenna (RS-SMA) A8422228823 Mag Antenna with RS-SMA interface
Magmount 5dbi EVDO Antenna (AC580) A8422238823 Mag Antenna with AC580 interface
Magmount 5dbi EVDO Antenna (KPC650) A8422248823 Mag Antenna with KPC650 interface
Magmount 5dbi EVDO Antenna (AC595) A8422258823

Mag Antenna with AC595 interface

Pigtail A4899828823 Pigtail for S720
Pigtail A4899838823 Pigtail for AC595
Pigtail A4899848823 Pigtail for PX500
Pigtail A4899858823 Pigtail for 5750
Pigtail A4899868823 Pigtail for AC580
Mounting Antenna (RS SMA) A8434228823 Mounting antenna with RS SMA connector, 3 screw holes in bottom
Mounting Antenna (AC580) A8434238823 Mounting Antenna with AC580 interface, has 3 screw holes in bottom
Mounting Antenna (AC595) A8434248823 Mounting Antenna with AC595 interface, has 3 screw holes in bottom
Flange Mount Antenna (RS-SMA) A8431228823 Mounting Antenna with RS-SMA interface
Flange Mount Antenna (AC580) A8431238823 Flange Mount antenna with AC580 interface
Flange Mount Antenna (AC595) A8431248823 Mounting Antenna with AC595 interface
Wi-Fi Antenna A8425258824 External Wi-Fi antenna for MB8000, MB7000
Standard Power Adaptor (UK) A8523888323 UK Power adaptor
Standard Power Adaptor (EU) A8523888523 EU Power adaptor
GM800 A5822888823 GPS Module
Battery A8822888822 External Battery with charger
AC580 PCMCIA Card A5522322825 AC580 card
PX-500 PCMCIA Card A5523322826 PX-500 card
S720 PCMCIA Card A5524322827 S720 card
Amplifier Antenna Kits A4822888822 Amplifier includes antenna and cable, w/o PCMCIA card
USB Hub A4121338823 Powered USB Hub



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