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  Gobiā„¢- Powered M2M Designs By Top Global


About the Top Global-Gobi Partnership

Qualcomm has chosen Top Global (a four times Qualcomm 3G A-List Awards Winner and the winner of 2009 CTIA Best in Show Awards) as a leading partner for M2M designs and 3G embedded applications using global mobile Internet technology (Gobi). Top Global is a pioneer in mobile wireless systems designs and a global leader in embedded M2M software, firmware and device driver development. Top Global has a strong engineering and design team with many years of experience in wireless communications systems and software/firmware/drivers which enable our customers to get their products with Gobi technology to market quickly with minimal design risk at lower cost while increasing product flexibility & competitive advantage.

Gobi 2000 Module

Gobi 1000 Module

Supported RF Radios

EV-DO/EV-DO Rev. A 850MHz
EV-DO/EV-DO Rev. A 1900 MHz
Standalone GPS (Simultaneous)

Top Global 3G Module

Qualcomm's Gobi technology is the first built-in, mobile broadband connectivity solution for mobile Internet devices that supports both EV-DO and HSPA global cellular standards within a single device. Gobi's unique multi-mode, multi-band, and multi-carrier capabilities enable cellular connectivity through fast, secure and ubiquitous global access to high-speed Internet services and GPS functionality over the widest variety of global 3G cellular networks.

Cellular Designs

From cellular connectively in DVD Rental Kiosks, to digital signage and content delivery in NYC taxi cabs, to police car with finger print scanners, Top Global has designed a wide variety of cellular enabled products and end-to-end solutions. Examples of cellular designs by Top Global include:

Vehicle tracking for bus and logistic companies
Taxi based digital signage and POS system
Wireless internet connectivity to bank ATM and retail Kiosk and vending machines
Remote sensor monitoring for smart grid application
Green building monitoring and control of HVAC
Fingerprint scanner with mobile wireless connection in police car
Mobile wireless hot spot in bus, train, and entertainment coaches
Mobile command center for NYPD, Ambulance, and EMS
Remote Mobile IP camera surveillance systems

These experiences make Top Global a perfect choice to help with your Gobi-powered M2M designs.

Software Experiences

Top Global has developed drivers to over 100 different 2G, 3G modules, air card and USB modems from vendors around the world over the last 10 years. Our unique Smart Driver technology enables our products to automatically configure to work with any new air card or USB modems. Over the last decade, we have developed and supported others to develop 3G products using embedded modules, air cards, and USB modems.

Top Global independently developed our own drivers and SDK for the Gobi1000 and Gobi2000 modules. We are the first in the world to demonstrate embedded Linux products using Gobi1000 module.

Interfacing to a module with Gobi technology can be as simple as using AT commands, but it may also involve direct software integration into network protocol stacks. Top Global has experience with many of today's commonly used boot-loaders and embedded operating systems, such as Linux and VxWorks RTOS.

Top Global also supports customer to develop end-to-end solutions such as mobile wireless video over IP teleconference solution and mobile hot spot in a box with Radius AAA server. Top Global developed a remote central management server total solution for network monitoring, remote device configuration, out of band equipment management, mobile asset tracking, and managed services delivery.

Hardware Design and Integration Support

Top Global has our internal design team from product concept, enclosure, schematics, to circuit board layout. Our conceptual design artist and mechanical and structure design engineers have designed many award winning products which CNET and NY Times called the "out of the world" design. Our circuit design engineers designed over 20 different platforms and products for mobile wireless consumer, enterprise, and M2M industrial applications using a variety of embedded processors like MIPS, ARM, PowerPC, MCU, and CPU from Intel and AMD.

Turn-key Product Delivery

Top Global not only designs self-branded products,but also delivers turn-key products under customers' brand. The product packaging artwork, the look and feel of the webGUI can be like any other product from the same customer. Top Global works with Tier-1 contract manufacturer (CM) to ensure the lowest cost, highest capacity and quality. We have on-site production engineers to work with the CM to transfer our designs into mass production with minimum disruption in shortest time window. This capability provides our customers the one-stop-shop for their entire product design cycle from concept to finished goods.





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