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Top Global to Launch new 3G Phoebus product line and demonstrate VoIP over CDMA 1X EV-DO solution

    Irvine, California, and Beijing, China. Top Global, a leader in wireless convergence solutions, announced today new products and solutions that link third-generation (3G) mobile and Wi-Fi networks. This enables operators to leverage wide-area 3G CDMA2000 and UMTS/W-CDMA mobile networks to deliver voice and data services to millions of Wi-Fi customers. Top Global's solution, called 3G Phoebus, serves as a gateway that links 3G and Wi-Fi networks, enabling enterprises and consumers to enjoy the flexibility and convenience of broadband wireless voice and data services in truly mobile and remote environments. Our patented 3G Phoebus is the world's first gateway to support voice over internet protocol (VoIP) over 3G CDMA2000 and UMTS/W-CDMA mobile networks.

During the 3G World Congress & Exhibition in Hong Kong in November, Top Global demonstrated for the first time in the world, voice call over EV-DO network. CDMA2000 1x EV-DO by definition is a data only network. Top Global's MobileBridge and VoIP solution enables visitors to make and receive phone calls through EV-DO network to and from anywhere around the world. Our solution supports VPN, VoIP, authentication, authorization, and the needed accounting (AAA) features so that enterprises can take their office mobile. Its plug-and-play simplicity reduces installation cost and its rich networking features simplify network management and reduce maintenance costs. Top Global will offer "mobile/remote office" total solutions for both voice and data to service providers, enterprises, and vertical industries.

In January 2005, Top Global launched our new serious of 3G Phoebus product lines and conduct live demonstration of our 3G Mobile gateway supporting both voice and data communication over CDMA2000 1xEV-DO network during the international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas (Booth #IP565 in the Innovations Plus Zone, in the CES Central Plaza).

"Once again, we have demonstrated the world's leading 3G/WiFi solutions and applications through our continuous innovation", said Top Global President & CTO, Dr. Alan Zhou. "As mobile operators rapidly deploy 3G networks, we are looking forward to offer our 3G solution to customers around the world so that more people can get easy access to the Internet anywhere at any time with no strings attached."



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