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Top Global Introduce the Worlds First Dual Slot EVDO and UMTS

The Universal MobileBridge™ can support any of the two combinations of EVDO, CDMA
1x, EDGE, and UMTS/HSDPA networks to enable the wireless internet.

FOR RELEASE April 22, 2005
Irvine, California and China. Top Global, a leader in wireless convergence solutions, announced today the World First Dual Slot Enterprise Class MobileBridge™ solutions that link third-generation (3G) mobile and Wi-Fi networks. Top Global's solution, called MobileBridge™, serves as a gateway/router that links 3G and Wi-Fi networks, enabling enterprises to enjoy the flexibility and convenience of broadband wireless internet including both voice and data services in truly mobile and remote environments. The Dual Slot Universal MobileBridge™ utilizes Top Global patented MultiLink™ load balancing technology to optimise the total effective throughput, and it also utilizes Top Global proprietary AutoSwitch™ network redundancy software.

The Universal MobileBridge™ is a standard universal gateway that supports all EVDO data cards available in the USA including PC5220/AC580, V620 and KPC650. Enterprises continue to demand for higher data throughput and for redundancy in wireless networks. With the dual slot design, we effective solve two
problems at the same time. For example, enterprise customers in the USA can now use the Mobilebridge™ with both EVDO and UMTS/HSDPA networks at the same time. They not only get higher throughput but also have an automatic back up solution in case one link is down. In Europe however, customers can get two UMTS links from two independent service providers to enjoy the same benefits.

The flexible systems architecture of the Universal MobileBridge™ supports any of the combinations of EVDO, CDMA 1x, EDGE, and UMTS today and can smoothly migrate to support HSDPA and EVDO Rel.A standards with firmware upgrade in the near future. The MobileBridge™ comes with a complete suite of networking software to make internet connection for multiple users or devices with LAN, WLAN, RS232 interfaces. It offers a choice of many wireless security options and can be managed through multiple management methods. It also enables flexible AAA with built-in Web Portal and Radius protocol. The dual slot Universal MobileBridge™ Gateway is a total solution for homeland security and disaster recovery applications.

"As a pioneer in Cellular/WiFi wireless convergence systems, we continuously receive feedback from our enterprise customers demanding for higher bandwidth and network redundancy. The new dual slot universal MobileBridge™ shows that we have listened to our customers and can quickly turn their requirements in new products through our superior systems architecture and unmatched creativity and experience in wireless technologies", said Top Global President & CTO, Dr. Alan Zhen Zhou.



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