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Top Global 3G Routers deliver intranet and internet connectivity in the wake of Hurricane Katrina


Los Angeles, California, Top Global, the leader in wireless technologies convergence solutions, is providing its 3G routers to relief organizations for the coordination, communication, and command of their operations in towns and cities devastated by Hurricane Katrina. In addition, within hours, 3G routers reopened businesses who had been paralyzed without their intranets and Internet access.

While fixed-line telecom operators take time to restore full service, mobile operators are able to restore their networks quickly by trucking in mobile cell sites to the worst hit areas.  This enables them to offer high-speed mobile data network services much sooner than their fixed-line competitors.

Top Global's MobileBridge™ is the first and the most integrated 3G cellular WLAN/LAN router for Enterprise networking.  The MB8000 has built-in LAN and WLAN interfaces which provide enterprises with easy access to cellular data services and internet/intranet through their existing corporate LAN or WLAN network.

"Last week, we were extremely busy making deliveries of our 3G Routers to customers in Texas, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi," said Dr. Alan Zhou, President of Top Global.  "We got calls from people who needed our MB8000 delivered early the next morning, so that they can immediately deploy it in disaster-stricken areas for emergency relief management, saving lives, and restoring data services to businesses."

Some customers were able to get high-speed EVDO network service using our MB8000 in parts of Florida, and Baton Rouge, LA. They used the power from their automobile's cigarette lighter to power up a MB8000 and create an instant WiFi hot spot on the Internet so people with laptops can look up the latest life-saving information and communicate with their family and friend using email, or make VoIP calls. The MB8000 is also used for communications between the various relief groups which is of the utmost importance to be able to coordinate and help those in need quickly.

"We are very glad to see our products help people and businesses communicate during emergency situations," Dr. Zhou said, "We are going to continue our efforts to help enterprises return to business as soon as their cellular service and power are restored and minimize their loses".

About Top Global USA, Inc

Top Global is a leading wireless systems design company and a global leader in wireless technology convergence.  Top Global offers total wireless solutions for carriers, enterprises, and consumers.  Top Global has a strong engineering and design team with many years of experience in wireless communications systems design, hardware and software design and testing, and communications protocol development.  With our focus and dedication on wireless and our deep technical knowledge of wireless chipsets, drivers, firmware, and applications layer software, our goal is to become the Global Top Leader in wireless systems design.  Our customers and partners can reduce investment risk and shorten time to market by OEM/ODM Top Global wireless products and solutions.  We believe the future of wireless communication has just started, and that the nascent wireless broadband Internet will become as pervasive as the Internet itself.  Top Global sees it as a business opportunity to give everyone easy wireless high-speed Internet access, whether at home, in the office, or in public places.  This wireless horizon has just been discovered, and we will broaden the World Wide Web (WWW) to a World Without Wires (WWW).  Our corporate mission is "Broadening Wireless Horizons".  More information about Top Global is available from our  Web site at

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