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Lucent and Top Global Introduce a Business Continuity / Wireless Gateway Solution for Enterprises

MURRAY HILL, N.J., May 18, 2006 (PR Newswire delivered by Newstex) -- Lucent Technologies (NYSE: LU) and Top Global today announced a Business Continuity Wireless Gateway solution to help enterprises cost-effectively backup and recover their wireline network in the event of a natural disaster or other disruption.

The solution addresses both business continuity -- the process of planning to ensure an organization can continue to operate -- and disaster recovery -- the process, after a crisis, to minimize business interruption and return to normal as quickly as possible. A distinct advantage is the 24X7 remote technical and integration support from Lucent's services organization combined with the Top Global patented MobileBridge(TM) mobile/portable wireless communications gateway as a total solution offer by Lucent. The MobileBridge(TM) functions as a gateway to connect a client's private data network to any service provider's cellular data network.

In addition to business continuity, the wireless gateway can support a mobile office application. With the flexibility of both Ethernet and WiFi end user interfaces, enterprises can connect to the Internet or corporate networks at virtually any location where a cellular data network is available. By utilizing the wireless gateway solution, businesses can minimize the investment and time required to set up a temporary or mobile office.

For business continuity, the Top Global MobileBridge(TM) remains in "hot standby" mode when IP traffic is flowing normally along the primary data path. When a network interruption is detected, the MobileBridge(TM) automatically establishes a high-speed broadband wireless link and all data traffic gets routed over the cellular data network. During this period, auto-reconnect is enabled to maintain a consistent, stable, wireless broadband link. When the primary data path is restored, the MobileBridge(TM) disconnects automatically and returns to hot standby mode until needed again.

"By enabling wireless business continuity, Lucent is helping its customers to maintain their operations during network outages," said Sandip Mukerjee, vice president, Lucent Technologies Applications Solutions Business Unit. "The VPN capabilities built into the solution can support the security needed for remote access to enterprise applications over the public network, making the Lucent-Top Global offer a secure, simple to use and cost effective solution for business continuity or office-on-the-go applications."

"Over the last several years, Lucent and Top Global worked closely with many mobile operators and Fortune 500 companies to perfect this wireless business continuity solution," said Dr. Alan Zhen Zhou, Top Global president and CTO. "It is a flexible solution to replace satellite and other fixed line redundant networks. Large multinational companies as well as small and medium enterprises can now afford this proven business continuity and disaster recovery networking solution backed by Lucent's dedicated 24 x 7 worldwide technical support and services."

The MobileBridge(TM) leverages 1xRTT, EVDO, EDGE, UMTS and HSDPA wireless data networks to maintain the connectivity between a client's location and the Internet, or other corporate networks.

About Lucent Technologies

Lucent Technologies designs and delivers the systems, services and software that drive next-generation communications networks. Backed by Bell Labs research and development, Lucent uses its strengths in mobility, optical, software, data and voice networking technologies, as well as services, to create new revenue-generating opportunities for its customers, while enabling them to quickly deploy and better manage their networks. Lucent's customer base includes communications service providers, governments and enterprises worldwide. For more information on Lucent Technologies, which has headquarters in Murray Hill, N.J., USA, visit

About Top Global USA, Inc.

Top Global is a leading wireless systems company and a global leader in third generation (3G) mobile wireless technologies. Top Global invented the MobileBridge(TM) -- a unified 3G/WiFi/LAN mobile wireless communications gateway/router enabling anywhere anytime convenient broadband wireless Internet access for carriers, enterprises, and consumers. Our mobile wireless products and solutions enable enterprise customers to increase productivity, improve operational efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge. Our products are simple to use which improves overall user experience, and our continuous innovation in mobile data applications enhance the quality of life for mobile consumers. For more information on Top Global, visit



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