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Top Global Announces the World First Mobile Router to Support 4G Mobile WiMax

     Extending Top Global's leadership in 3G mobile router technologies, the MobileBridge™ supports seamless migration to 4G Mobile WiMax with peak downlink speed of 63Mbps and uplink speed of 28Mbps making broadband wireless Internet a reality


CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA, September 13, 2006 -- Top Global, the global leader in mobile wireless convergence systems, announced today that their MobileBridge™ product family supports next generation broadband wireless communication technology ?Mobile WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access). The MobileBridge™ is a patented gateway/router that links 3G and 4G wireless networks with WLAN and LAN, enabling enterprises to enjoy the flexibility and convenience of broadband wireless Internet in truly mobile and remote environments. WiMax is a wireless broadband technology which supports peak downlink data rate up to 63Mbps and peak uplink data rate up to 28Mbps. As the market demand for faster speed 4G wireless communication grows, there are clear advantages to support seamless migration from 3G to 4G mobile WiMax in our MobileBridge™ product family.

The MobileBridge™ currently supports WiBro which was developed in Korea based on the IEEE 802.16 standards. WiBro is the world's first commercially available mobile WiMax. By integrating WiBro (Mobile WiMax) in the MobileBridge™ platform, we can offer faster wireless broadband solution to support innovative mobile applications and advanced features including:

-- Broadband Wireless Internet Access. The 4G Mobile WiMax technology delivers higher data rate than T1, DSL, and cable. It offers additional freedom and flexibility for customers to get internet access.

-- Quality of Service (QoS): Mobile WiMax defines Service Flows which can map to DiffServ code points or MPLS flow labels that enable end-to-end IP based QoS. Additionally, subchannelization and MAP-based signaling schemes provide a flexible mechanism for optimal scheduling of space, frequency and time resources over the air interface on a frame-by-fram basis.

-- Mobile IP TV, Wireless video/audio applications. The limitation of uplink bandwidth in current cellular networks restricts the usage of wireless video/audio applications. Mobile WiMax Enables customers to transmit and receive high quality video/audio data wirelessly. Also, because of the fundamental premise of the MAC architecture, WiMax defines DiffServ code points or MPLS flow labels that enable end-to-end IP based QoS for video/audio application. With higher bandwidth, Mobile WiMax can support high resolution wireless video surveillance, two way wireless video conferencing, as well as video/audio broadcasting and high speed content distribution.

-- Enhanced Wireless Security. The features provided for Mobile WiMAX security are the best in class with EAP-based authentication, AES-CCM-based authenticated encryption, and CMAC and HMAC based control message protection schemes. It supports a diverse set of user credentials including: SIM/USIM cards, Smart Cards, Digital Certificates, and Username/Password schemes based on the relevant EAP methods for the credential type.

-- Mobility. Mobile WiMAX supports optimized handover schemes with latencies less than 50 milliseconds to ensure real-time applications such as VoIP performance without service degradation. Flexible key management schemes assure that security is maintained during handover.

The MobileBridge™ product family will be on display at CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment (Booth #1254), held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from September 12 to 14.

About Top Global USA, Inc

Top Global is a leading wireless systems company and a global leader in third generation (3G) mobile wireless technologies.  Top Global offers total wireless solutions for carriers, enterprises, and consumers.  Our mobile wireless products and solutions enable enterprise customers to increase productivity, improve operational efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge.  Our products are simple to use which improves overall user experience, and our continuous innovation in mobile data applications enhance the quality of life for mobile consumers. We believe the future of wireless communication has just started, and that the nascent wireless broadband Internet will become as pervasive as the Internet itself.  Top Global sees it as a business opportunity to give everyone easy wireless high-speed Internet access anywhere at anytime. This wireless horizon has just been discovered, and we will broaden the World Wide Web (WWW) to a World Without Wires (WWW).  Our corporate mission is "Broadening Wireless Horizons".

More information about Top Global is available from our  Web site at /

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