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Top Global Announced the World First 3G/4G Fixed Mobile Convergence VoIP, IP Video and IMS Solution


      Top Global's MobileBridge™ is the world's leading 3G/4G fixed mobile convergence (FMC) systems. It unifies worldwide 3G networks like UMTS, HSDPA, EVDO, EVDO Rev.A to deliver mobile IP Voice, Data, Video, and IMS services today and supports seamlessly migration and roaming to the next generation Mobile WiMax 4G technologies.

      Internet Telephony Conference & Expo, San Diego, CA October 11, 2006 -- Top Global, the global leader in mobile wireless convergence systems, announced today the World's first 3G/4G Mobile IP Voice, Data, Video, and IMS solution based on the company's MobileBridge™ platform. Top Global has developed and patented the flexible MobileBridge™ platform which serves as a gateway/router that links the 3rd/4th Generation Cellular (3G/4G) network and WLAN/LAN networks, enabling customer to enjoy the flexibility and convenience of wireless Internet in truly mobile and remote environments.

      The MobileBridge™ works with currently available 3G and 3.5G CDMA2000 EV-DO (Evolution Data Optimized) Revision A networks and is designed to support seamless migration to future 4G standards-based technologies, such as Mobile WiMAX and 802.20. Top Global's mobile VoIP solution can help enterprises enjoy more reliable, consistent VoIP experiences. EVDO Rev. A can offer up to 3.1 Mbps downlink and up to 1.8 Mbps uplink speed, those speeds are faster than current EVDO version. Major mobile carriers have already begun aggressive roll out of EV-DO Rev. A with coverage expected to reach more than 40 million people in the United States by year end, and ultimately reach more than 200 million people with mobile broadband data services in 220 major metropolitan areas next year. Top Global MobileBridge™ products are designed with embedded EVDO Rev.A radio (MB7000 series, as well as with smart universal protocol to support all currently available EVDO Rev. A data cards including AC595, S720, and PX-500 (MB8000 and MB6000 series at:

      The combination of Internet telephony with 3G/4G wireless technologies will revolutionize the Telecom Industry. Top Global first demonstrated live SIP based international VoIP call over the 3G MobileBridge™ with Lucent Technologies during the 3GSM Congress in Hong Kong several years ago. The higher 4G data speed enables efficient data multiplexing and lower latency which are essential to enable multimedia data services including streaming video and VoIP with high quality of service (QoS). The performance will enable transparency of quality of service between cellular data network and broadband wired services. The MobileBridge™ also integrates advanced features such as intelligent QoS, Per Session Bandwidth Control Scheme, SIP Protocol Optimization, and Traffic Shaping to ensure best voice quality in transmission. Enterprise users can now make cost efficient domestic and international VoIP calls and talk to customers with equivalent to toll quality voice over 3.5G mobile networks.

"With the rapid deployment of 3G and 4G networks worldwide, enterprises are looking for intelligent mobile solutions that not only works across the board in all countries but also supports all 3G standards today and can seamlessly migrate to 4G standards in the future", said Dr. Alan Zhen Zhou, President & CTO of Top Global, "Through continuous innovations and leveraging our wireless expertise, we are rapidly developing smart MobileBridge™ systems and technologies to meet these challenges so that our customers can enjoy the benefits of mobile broadband services anywhere at anytime".

About Top Global

Top Global is a leading wireless systems company and a global leader in third & forth generation (3G/4G) mobile wireless technologies convergence. Top Global offers totals wireless solutions for carriers, enterprises, and consumers. Our mobile wireless products and solutions enable enterprise customers to increase productivity, improve operational efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge. Our products are simple to use which improves overall user experience, and our continuous innovation in mobile data applications enhance the quality of life for mobile consumers. We believe the future of wireless communication has just started, and that the nascent wireless broadband Internet will become as pervasive as the Internet itself. Top Global sees it as a business opportunity to give everyone easy wireless high-speed Internet access anywhere at anytime. This wireless horizon has just been discovered, and we are broadening the World Wide Web (WWW) to a World Without Wires (WWW). Our corporate mission is "Broadening Wireless Horizons."

More information about Top Global is available from our web site at

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