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Top Global to Demonstrate the Worlds First Dual-Mode 3G/4G Mobile Router (MB9000) during CTIA

Top Global will demonstrate the dual-mode EV-DO Rev. A and HSUPA router sharing the bandwidth of both networks with global cellular coverage. The dual mode router offers anywhere, anytime high speed wireless Internet connectivity optimized for secure voice, video, and data communications.

CTIA Wireless 2008, Las Vegas, NV., April 1 -- Top Global, a three-time winner of the Qualcomm 3G A-list Awards and the inventor of the MobileBridge™, is demonstrating the World's First Dual Mode EV-DO Rev.A and HSUPA Router (Model: MB9000) in Qualcomm CTIA Booth #1948, Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center.

This MB9000 Duo Mobile Router leverages Top Global's unique MobileBridge™ technologies which enable it to combine two 3G cellular links to offer unprecedented speed, reliability, quality of service, and security for voice, video, and data communication anywhere in the world.

The capability to operate in both EV-DO Rev.A and HSUPA networks makes the MB9000 an ideal solution for SMBs, Multi-national Enterprises, Military, Government and all the vertical industries that need reliable anywhere, anytime Internet connectivity. The MB9000 offers the following advanced technologies:

    -Multi-Link Bandwidth Sharing Technology
The MB9000 delivers intelligent load sharing to maximize bandwidth and throughput over two 3G/4G cellular networks. The MB9000 works with all current 3G standards (including WCDMA/UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, EV-DO Rel. 0, EV-DO Rev.A) and networks in over 40 countries. It supports seamless migration to 4G networks with a firmware upgrade.

    -Dynamic Air-Link Monitoring and Link Integrity for virtually 100% always-on internet access
Patented Link Integrity and link monitoring feature keep the network alive, and offer network administrator to better manage their wireless access and devices.

    -Top Security with built-in Firewall and VPN
Powerful firewall including Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), Network Address Translation (NAT), Mac Filtering, Anti-Attach and URL filtering to against malicious network attacks and intrusions. The MB6800M also comes with built-in IPSec VPN supporting ESP/AH/3DES/DES/MD5/SHA-1 encryptions which offer Enterprises maximum security and protection.

    -Proprietary Packetization, Scheduling and Data Sorting Algorithm
This feature optimize the structure and size of IP packet, increase reliability of the transmission and reduce package lost rate of wireless networks. Sorting and scheduling feature enable time-sensitive traffic such as voice with higher priority for delivery.

    -Remote Central Management, Network Monitoring, and Control Capabilities
MB9000 supports wireless group management using the Remote Central Management (RCM) server. Network administrator can log-on the RCM server from any computer on internet to monitor and manage all the MB9000 around the world. Configurations can be changed, firmware can be upgraded remotely over the air, device can be rebooted from the server with no need for an engineer on-site to set up or install the SMART router.

    -High reliability and network availability and resilience for business continuity and disaster recovery
In addition to be able to use both air-links at the same time, the MB9000 can also allow the user to configure one link as primary and the other as back-up. Its built-in auto fail-safe technology will automatically switch on the back up network when the primary link is down, and switch back to the primary network when it's back up. Thus, multiple Cellular connections offer the best redundancy with maximum bandwidth and cellular coverage to make your network reliable and available at all time.

"As the leading mobile broadband access solutions innovator, we strive to integrate the latest and greatest cellular technologies into our products to enable enterprises to increase productivity, improve operational efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge," said Dr. Alan Zhen Zhou, President & CTO of Top Global, "We are excited to demonstrate our MB9000 dual-mode mobile router solution in the largest and most comprehensive show in the wireless industry."

Top Global is a leading wireless systems company and a global leader in third generation (3G) mobile wireless technologies. Top Global offers total wireless solutions for carriers, enterprises, and consumers. Our mobile wireless products and solutions enable enterprise customers to increase productivity, improve operational efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge. Our products are simple to use which improves overall user experience, and our continuous innovation in mobile data applications enhance the quality of life for mobile consumers. We believe the future of wireless communication has just started, and that the nascent wireless broadband Internet will become as pervasive as the Internet itself. Top Global sees it as a business opportunity to give everyone easy wireless high-speed Internet access anywhere at anytime. This wireless horizon has just been discovered, and we will broaden the World Wide Web (WWW) to a World Without Wires (WWW). Our corporate mission is "Broadening Wireless Horizons".

More information about Top Global is available from our Web site at

For more information, reporters may contact:
Jeffrey Tan
Top Global USA, Inc.
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