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Remote Central Management Software

    Remote Central Management (hereafter RCM) software can provide enterprise class management and administration to Top Global 3G router products.

    RCM can be hosted at customers own computer, and can be accessed securely from anywhere across a wired or wireless IP network, including the Internet.

    RCM can offer:

    • Enterprise management and configuration of groups of devices across remote networks
    • Remote firmware management and upgrading
    • Real time monitoring of devices
    • Secure network communications


RCM can help our customer to reduce network devices maintenance costs. Network administrator can monitor all devices just by sitting behind a computer, no boring daily maintenance trips are needed, and efficiency can be enhanced dramatically

Top Global Remote Central Management software list

Model Name Part Number Com Code Description
RCM6 SW1622 SW21812822 This version can manage MB6000, MB6800 and MB5000 serials products





We welcome you to experience our RCM, you need to submit your information first and then we'll auditing your information within 1 business day. After approved you can receive your accounts for RCM login.

To get more information or put order for RCM, please send mail to


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