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  RCM Server

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Top Global RCM server is a powerful platform for the management of any Top Global 3G/4G products. It simplifies deployment and management, supports remote configuration, real-time monitoring, and performance and data usage reporting. Top Global RCM reduces the operational burdens associated with device management, ensuring maximum uptime and performance with minimum cost and effort.

Ease of Deployment and Expansion
RCM ensures fast and accurate configuration of Top Global 3G/4G Routers/Devices. New device can be pre-provisioned prior to shipping and then automatically discovered and registered using the RCM platform. In addition, Top Global provides an automated deployment wizard to assist with the configuration of these devices. Enterprise-wide or Device Group-wide policies (e.g., Access Control Lists) can be created and applied using customized templates, ensuring consistent configuration across all or a group of devices regardless of location.

Simplified Device Management
RCM facilitates day-to-day administrative tasks across an entire distributed network of Top Global 3G/4G Routers. This includes automatic software updates, and other vital device management functions.

Flexible and Secure Access
RCM offers different levels of user access that provide varying degrees of read/write privileges. A Web interface (HTTPS) ensures seamless and secure access to the RCM server from virtually any location.

Configuration, and Availability
Top Global RCM comes on a standalone server with integrated database, which ensures easy setup and maintenance in any enterprise environment.

Real-time GPS Tracking
Top Global 3G/4G routers will send their GPS location information to a RCM serve. And the RCM server stores the received tracking data into a database and visualizes device location with simple map software (Google Maps). Then the IT staffs can login to the RCM server to get location info of all routers in real-time.

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5 × 100Base-T
1 × Com
1 × USB 2.0
1 × PS2

Management Features
Enterprise Environment Oriented
Simple Deployment
Easy Group Management
Single/Group Device Configuration
Configuration File Download & Upload
HTTPS security access
Flexible License Management
Log File Backup
GPS Tracking
High Reliability
Stand Alone Server and Database
Firmware Remote Upgrade

CPU : ULV Celeron-M600MHz
Chip Set : Intel 852GM + ICH4
Memory: 512M DDR
Hard disk: 150G

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature: 0-60 ℃
Operating Humidity: 5-90% (Non-Condensing)

Physical Specifications

Dimension 240 (L) x 235 (W) x44 (H) mm
Weight 5 kg




1 Year

Product Datasheets

RCM Server Spec

User Guide

Application Notes

RCM White Paper






OS & Software

Linux OS
Java Runtime Environment


1 Year


Top Global provides toll-free technical support line 1-888-Top-Glob

Contact our support engineer by email support@topglobalusa.com
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