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  Wireless Kiosk

There are growing demands for offer retail kiosk services in many spaces such as garden, gate of supermarket, gas station and ATM etc. However, to offer network connection for those spotty kiosks is really expensive for retailer. It requires security, stability, reliability as well as cost effective.

TOP Global's solution can meet all of those requirements. The 3G Phoebus can be integrated into the kiosk, and offer instantly available wireless network to the kiosk.

By this solution, you can put the kiosk to anywhere you want as long as the cellular signal is available. Even more, you can put the kiosk into your car, and offer moving shop service for your customers in hot spaces they are. For example, in the beach while in summer, or outside the play space before basketball game.


Extremely flexibility for network deployment. Offer both LAN and WLAN access, and no configuration work is needed;
Expand their stores in most convenient and cost effective way;
Reliable and auto-switch broadband back up solution for shops, no changes for previous network;
Help your customers enjoy easy user experiences in your stores;
Affordable wireless kiosk solution

In the end, this solution isn't about kiosk connection tools. It's about the success of your business.



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