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  Mobile Hot Spot

Top Global offers Mobile Hot Spot solution for mobile operators or transit operators. By this solution, mobile operators or transit operators can provide Hot Spot services to passengers in trains and vehicles.

The Mobile Hot Spot solution is based on MobileBridge™, and it combines the best of Wi-Fi technology and 3G/4G mobile communications technology. It leverages the existing and widely available 3G/4G infrastructures with the flexible, low cost and simple to use Wi-Fi technology for mobile applications or transit operators.

Top Global offers mobile broadband wireless Internet solution for vehicles.
This solution is based on Top Global's MobileBridge™, which combines the best of 3G cellular technologies and Wi-Fi technology.

Application Scenarios

Mobile Hot Spot Application
Mobile Hot Spot application can help mobile operators or transit operators offer Hot Spot services

for passengers in trains and vehicles.
The solution comes with a complete suite of software package including security, network management, and AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) features. By integrated RADIUS module, MobileBridge™ offers several possibilities for service charging. It can be based on service time, service traffic (e.g. Mbits), fixed monthly fee, scratch card etc.

Providing Wi-Fi service with 3G/4G infrastructure is an economical service compared to currently satellite solution, and MobileBridge™ offers an excellent opportunity for mobile operators or transit operators to promote Hot Spot services in public transits, which would be very attractive to business passengers.



New service, new revenue
Minimal deployment and maintenance
Economical Solution

GPS Tracking
By combining GPS Mouse, this vehicle solution can get position information from satellites and transfer that info to Geographic Information System (GIS) server via cellular network, and offers GPS tracking feature as well as Internet access. This solution enables transportation operators and logistic companies to get their vehicle's position info in economical way.


Vehicle position and speed tracking
High speed wireless Internet access
Enable real time video/audio communication with driver
Teams and groups to better organize drivers
Advanced features upgradeable. Such as combining RFID scanner to record all carried goods in trucks for logistic company.




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